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06/04/21 04:21 PM #1376    


Melinda Lang (Bachman)

Thanks everyone for the nice birthday wishes!  Hope to see all of you at the reunion!

06/16/21 03:54 PM #1377    


Sharon Tincher (Scholl-Nabulsi)

Classmates:  I am saddened by the news that Ronnie Kinkeade passed way on June 10, 2021 at 6:03 pm in Valrico, Fl. He and his wife BJ (Bettie) had lived in Florida for the last 3 years. For those who would like to send a card their address is 322 Choo Choo Lane, Valrico, Fl. 33594. There will not be a funeral service per his reuest as he was cremated. May Ronnie Rest in Peace.

06/16/21 05:51 PM #1378    


Joyce Casady (Sheumaker)

My deepest sympathy to the family of Ronnie Kinkeade!  You will be in my prayers!



06/19/21 10:03 AM #1379    


Cyndy Day (Savage)

Thank you Sharon, again for all you do. I sent a card to the family. God bless

06/21/21 08:43 AM #1380    


Sharon Tincher (Scholl-Nabulsi)

Thanks Cyndy, I appreciate your comment.  By the way, we are going to miss you at the 60th Reunion. Are you sure you cannot reconsider?

06/25/21 09:48 AM #1381    


Bill Orr



This a little humor for your weekend enjoyment!



Report on RV first trip from hell.

Knew we were in for it when the dealership forgot we were scheduled to pick up the camper on a certain date and time. It took them 4 hrs to hook up the camper and see us on our way.  

On the trip to Palmer's Gulch the RV towed well until we hit the mountains. we were then in trouble for the trailer brakes locked up repeadly. the car bucked and we were having second thoughts about the trip.  finally on arriving we received help on backing up into our slot. Jean filled the potable water tank just as we were instructed but it was actually he black water tank. We were up the creek without a paddle. that nite it was colder than hell and we couldn't get the heater to work. Also,  the hot water tank didn't work. 

We sluffed thru for a couple of days until our son and his family arrived. We hit the dump station and from then on could use the toilet. A major achievement. Bill quickly determined that the heating system wasn't the correct one and that the hot water system was broke. He invited over to his Pusher RV for drinks and dinner. Anyway, he adjusted the brake system and has taken the RV to his storage garage for repairs. 

Our next trip will be to Duluth, MN and hopefully everything will work as intended. The ultimate goal is to travel to Cannon Beach,Oregon for the month of September. 

If you ever get to Palmer's Gulch try the fudge. It is fantastic and just like Mackinaw Island it is served next to the horse stables. 

Enough said!


Your friend and classmate,



07/31/21 03:09 PM #1382    


Darla Qualls (Dennison)


 Thank you to everyone who sent me a birthday wish.  Can't believe how (seasoned) we are.  haha

I hope everyone is planning to come to our reunion.  Sharon has worked really hard on making this special and fun for all of us.  See you in September.




08/04/21 05:11 PM #1383    


Nancy Nelson (Hays)

August class luncheon was attended by 12 members.  Back: Robert Johnson, Sharon Scholl-Nabulsi, Gabe Martinez, Jack Dorsett, & Dave Nuebel.  Front: Linda Johnson, Nancy Hays, Carol Wilson, John Kent, Linda Meyer, Georgia Merschman, & Gary McVey.

08/31/21 01:01 PM #1384    


Sharon Tincher (Scholl-Nabulsi)

Hey everyone, Nancy Hays posted the class lunceon that was on August 4th. I'm wondering what everyone has been doing since August 4th that nobody has anything to post to the class. We  are certainly not that boring or don't have anything to talk about. Believe me when I say I have been plenty busy getting this 60th Class Reunion together and I am so excited and looking forward to seeing everyone again. For those of you who are not coming I'm sorry you will miss a lot of fun. I thank Nancy for organizing our luncheons because some of our classmates don't have wifi or cell phones so she has to call them. 


09/01/21 01:19 PM #1385    


Sandra Buckley (Matthews)

Well, Sharon is asking for more posts to the Message Forum, so here goes.

Actually, our summer has been pretty dull with the DELTA strain of COVID having put us several steps BACK from when most things were opening up again.  Here in Eastern North Carolina people were starting to return to the Outer Banks and other beaches....our restaurants began to look fairly normal, with full capacity serving - we even had almost 2 months where one of our three church services allowed us to go without masks if we were fully vaccinated.  Here in our Retirement Community of Cypress Glen, we have now had a few employees have "break through" positive cases of COVID, where they had already had both doses of the vaccine. Students from East Carolina University that were expecting to return to Dining Room Wait Staff positions in mid-August have not shown up, because they either have COVID or are in quarantine due to COVID exposure.  Our Health Care Unit full time RN's and CNA's are working lots of overtime because of a critical shortage of nurses in Pitt County/Greenville.  We personally know of an RN at Greenville's largest hospital, who just worked 9 straight days of 12 hours shifts, and is finally getting 4 days off.  She works the COVID Unit and was given a $12 an hour pay raise to remain in that unit until the end of 2021.  I would imagine all of you know of similar situations - I can not even begin to imagine the stress those health care employees are experiencing !!!!

We did get away for a few days over Memorial Day this year - since Bill's birthday is June 1st, we went down to the youngest son's home outside of Jacksonville, FL to celebrate over the long weekend.  It's always fun to be with Joe, Tamrah and our granddaughters, Aila (turns 16 in October) and Tatum (turns 13 next January).  Bill and Joe were even able to get in a round of golf at a local club in Jacksonville, Beach.  We do have some pretty exciting news to share about our granddaughter, Tatum.  Perhaps you remember (if on Facebook) that I mentioned last February that Tatum has been cast by Broadway Asia International, out of New York City, to play the part of Louisa, one of the Von Trapp daughters in "The Sound of Music".  They were to have left in mid-June (Tatum and her mom) for a 13 city tour of CHINA, that would last 5 1/2 months.  As all the plans were coming together and even the tutor who would teach the children their various grade level subjects had contacted each parent - then the NYC Office sent word to all the actors and musicians that the tour was being delayed a month (leaving in mid-July), so some of the children in the cast would be eligible to have their COVID vaccines before departing.  A week before they were to leave, the US State Departemnt notified the company they needed to cancel the July departure and reschedule it for sometime in early 2022 - saying it was NOT SAFE for them to be touring within disappointing as that was for Tatum and her future musical opportunities, we were relieved  - strained political relations with China were bad enough, but the family separation for that amount of time also weighed heavily.  Well, as most of us know, when one door closes, God has another one opening lots of time.  When the delayed China departure until mid-July was announced, Tatum was offered a contract for a made for TV movie, that would be filming the month of June outside of Atlanta.  I'm sure most of us remember the 70's and 80's TV series, "The Walton's" (always ending with "Good-night John-Boy").  Well, Warner Brothers TV department decided to remake the one episode called "The Walton Christmas Homecoming", which will be shown on television sometime this December.  Tatum was cast as the second oldest daughter, Erin!  She had a great time doing this film - shared lots of details about the fake snow on the farmland and around the farm house, and how the outdoor scenes were a riot because they were in winter coats, stocking hats and snow boots, when it was actually 95 degrees outside.  Anyway, if any of you are interested, I will post on th Message Forum when we have an actual TV date in December.

Meanwhile, we will be heading to Fort Madison a week from tomorrow for the Class Reunion - followed by family visits in Burlington, IA, Brookfield, MO, Stilwell, KS and Wichita, KS......lots of driving time.  We plan sightseeing on the way back to North Carolina - going through Little Rock, AK, Nashville, TN, and 3 nights in Asheville, NC - have tickets already to tour the Biltmore Estate and have dinner at The Grove Park Inn.  We are anxious to see everyone at the Class Reunion and attend the Tri-State Rodeo !

Later, Sandy & Bill Matthews

09/01/21 06:42 PM #1386    


Cyndy Day (Savage)

I love Sandy and Bill's. You always feel you've had a trip too. Congrats for your granddaughter, amazing. Safe travels and keep writing, you do such a good job. 

09/02/21 12:26 AM #1387    


Joyce Casady (Sheumaker)

Sandy, Please be careful in Brookfield, Mo.  We live about 36 miles from Brookfield in Chillicothe, Mo.  We are still getting Covid-19 here.  Had another death this week and 5 new cases today.  People do not wear maskes and do not get the shots.  Earlier this summer our county was # 2 or 3  in the U.S. with the most cases of Covid-19. for eaach day  Have a save trip and have fun at the reunion!

09/02/21 08:48 AM #1388    


Sandra Buckley (Matthews)

Joyce, Thanks for the COVID information on Brookfield, MO. We are visiting a cousin of mine there for just an overnight. You can be sure we will be masking and being careful - my cousin and her husband are vaccinated! Hope you are safe and well.   

09/10/21 05:06 PM #1389    


Bill Orr



Well here we are. 78 years old and a whole life behind us. I have a loving wife, three kids and 9 grand children. Can you imagine this blessing? the kids and grand kids are fully involved in living life to the best. I can count two Medical doctors, two computer genisusis and one dumb SOB. and a few  watch a may call its . I have high standards. Needless to say they have all improved over what i was except for the dumb SOB, Actually, I have to admit he is better than me.  I have been blessed and know it.  

Have a great Reunion and enjoy life!!!

Your friend and class mate,

Bill Orr





09/15/21 12:40 PM #1390    


Sharon Tincher (Scholl-Nabulsi)

CLASSMATES:  The Class of 1961 had their 60th Reunion last weekend and it was a smash hit. Everyone said this was the best one yet. I had so much fun seeing and talking to everyone and the tour of the new Courtyard at FMHS was rewarding. You'll be happy to know that our name as a class will be on a permanent plaque that they are in the process of preparing. I invite anyone who wants to see it to come to FM and go to FMHS and they will be more than happy to give you a tour. The principal, Greg Smith, 1976 FMHS graduate was most gracious to us.  The Friday dinner, Saturday Rodeo parade, Picnic in Central Park with maidrites, tenderloins, Sterzing potato chips, chocolate cookies and pop was great as was the weather all weekend. We then topped off the reunion with the Tri State Rodeo and again perfect weather. I have to admit that Sunday I was a little pooped but very happy that it all went smooth. It's the concensus that we might have another reunion in 2 years(not as elaborate as this one) but we aren't getting any younger. So stay tuned for information next year from me.  

Meanwhile why don't you write to the message forum about your comings and goings. Classmates are interested in what we are all doing. Take care and enjoy this beautiful Fall weather.

As ever,                                                                                                                                                       Sharon                                                                                                                                                     


09/15/21 03:49 PM #1391    


Marcia Conley (Davis)

Sharon you outdid yourself.  I think it was the best I have attended.  Thanks for your volunteerism and hard work.  I would love to see another one in 2 years and, hopefully, I will be walking with or without a cane but not the walker I had on this trip.  I made it and Tamara and I enjoyed the entire trip. I couldn't have made it without my daughter.

09/15/21 06:13 PM #1392    


Richard Gaule

I just loved the reunion and seeing everyone again.
We all looked really great. 

09/16/21 07:02 AM #1393    


Georgia O'Donnell (Merschman)

It was the best weekend. Thanks to Sharon and her helpers for all you did to make it all run so smoothly. Looking forward to another whenever it happens. Enjoyed visiting with everyone. Stay safe and healthy out there. See you at the next one.

09/16/21 07:50 AM #1394    


Nancy Nelson (Hays)

Wow!  Our reunion went without a hitch...thanks to Sharon, our great organizer!     So much fun seeing everyone & catching up on what was going on in their lives.  Weather was great all the time. Rodeo was very entertaining!  It will be wonderful if we can come together again in 2years. Certainly an event to look forward to!

I am planning on trip soon in October.  Wanting to see Wisconsin with the beautiful trees & lakes.  Will take some tours. Plan on renting  a cabin on lake if possible. All still in planning stage at this point.

Attaching the reunion picture: Fourth row(left)Robert Brannon,Richard Gaule,Charlie LaFrenze,Gary St Clair, David Nuebel,Jerry Applegate,Andry Andrews,John Kent,& Tom Humburd. Third row: Terry Noonan,Gabriel Martinez,Jack Moore,David Brown,Bill Mathews,Bradley Wiedmann,John Frey,&Bob Pezley.  Second row: Gary McVey,Sandra Morrison Wisehart,Sandi Thompson Phillips,Melinda Lang Bachman,Janet Rhoades Vaughn,Sandra Ruppenkamp Brown,Judy Perry Tremmeling,Darla Qualls Dennison,Jack Dorsett&Bob Woolever.  First row: Marcia Conley Davis,Mary James Chapman,Georgia O'Donnell Merschman,Sharon Duncan Strunk,Pat Holmes Bradley,Betty McClinthen Oiler, Linda Harley Hansen,Linda Hayes Mayer,Sharon Philpott Haugen,Nancy Nelson Hays, Sandrs Buckley Matthews, & Sharon Tincher Scholl-Nabulsi.

09/16/21 09:52 AM #1395    


Judi Perry

Sharon - you did it again!!  What a wonderful time we had.  It was nice seeing everyone again - are we getting younger???  (Ha Ha)    Maybe we can all get together again in the future. We missed the ones who could not make it this year. Keep well, everyone, until we meet again.

09/17/21 10:32 AM #1396    


Karan Kreighbaum (Faul)

Hi everyone... I'm so sorry I couldn't make it to the 60th reunion. But reading all of your messages and seeing the pictures is a real treat. Our class is so lucky to have Sharon to organize things. Glad to hear there might be another mini-reunion in a couple of years. Hopefully I'll be able to make that one.

09/17/21 12:37 PM #1397    


Marcia Conley (Davis)

Thanks, Nancy, for posting the class photo with names.

09/29/21 05:48 AM #1398    


Bill Orr

Looks like a great time was had by all at the reunion. Sharon, you are the best!

Sorry I missed it but we are still Covid conscious and have curtailed our traveling. Perhaps next time. Missed everyone especially Bob Woolever my old fishing and hunting buddy. Perhaps he will give me a chance to beat him in Chess. We played hundreds of games and he won them all. 

Jean and I got our 3rd Covid shot Monday and no effects. Getting our Flu shot today. Although we didn't know it you can get both Flu and Covid shots at the same time. Good to know.

Your Class Mate


10/06/21 03:02 PM #1399    


Sharon Tincher (Scholl-Nabulsi)

FMHS Class of 1961 monthly luncheon on 10/6/21Left to right: Jack Moore, Jack Dorsett, David Neubel, Gary McVey, John Kent, Dutch Martinez, Linda Meyer, Nancy Hays,Sally Trancoso, Georgia Merschman, Betty Oiler, Sharon Scholl-Nabulsi, Sandy Wisehart.

10/06/21 03:25 PM #1400    


Sharon Tincher (Scholl-Nabulsi)

Such a great time we had today at our monthly luncheon! Come join us any members of the Class of 1961!

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