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11/12/23 10:32 AM #1508    


Sharon Tincher (Scholl-Nabulsi)

Jerry Rees and other 1961 graduates I just renewed our website for another three years! I'm considering a ONE DAY  reunion on a Saturday with a meet and greet get together and a dinner on Saturday evening in 2024! I would love to know if  classmates have a preference as to what time of the late summer or early Fall! Please let me hear from you all! Happy  Belated Birthday Jerry!!

11/12/23 11:50 AM #1509    


Connie Narigon (Reid)

I'd love to find that card!  Carole and I are only 4 more days away.  We will be in Naples Florida the week of Thanksgiving celebrating with our kids and grandkids.  So will be loving it.  

11/13/23 10:33 AM #1510    


Brad Wiedmann

Sharon,  I would prefer end of September for a meet and greet and dinner in Ft Madison

11/14/23 02:59 PM #1511    


Darla Qualls (Dennison)

The end of September sounds good to me also. 

11/14/23 05:15 PM #1512    


Jerry Rees

I suggest October when the trees are ablaze with color up and down the river.

11/15/23 10:26 AM #1513    


Sandra Buckley (Matthews)

Sharon,  Bill & I aren't sure we are going to be able to get back to Iowa in 2024. We are hoping to book a river cruise trip to the Normandy beaches late summer or early fall. We have postponed making this decision until I had anti-inflammatory injections in both hips last week and see if I got adequate pain far so good and I am sleeping and walking so much better. I will be able to have the shots every 3 months, if necessary. I am trying to avoid double hip replacement surgery. We will be in touch if we are able to get to Iowa. 

11/16/23 08:13 AM #1514    


Sandi Thompson (Philips)

Sharon, Fall would work better for me.

Thank you for doing this.



11/16/23 01:22 PM #1515    

Sandra Ruppenkamp (Brown)

Sharon, we'll try to make it anytime you schedule it.  Thanks for doing this.  

11/17/23 12:50 PM #1516    


Melinda Lang (Bachman)

I would prefer fall.  

12/06/23 02:00 PM #1517    


Sharon Tincher (Scholl-Nabulsi)

Class of 1961 December luncheon: L to R Back Row: Linda Meyer, Nan Hayes, Sally Trancoso, Sharon Nabulsi, Front Row L to R Gabe Martinez, David Neubel, Karan Faul, Georgia Merschman, and Ed Merschman.

12/07/23 10:14 AM #1518    


Sandra Buckley (Matthews)

Thanks for the most recent picture Sharon - December is such a busy month for everyone, so glad to see a few of you were able to gather for lunch.  Love all those smiling faces !!!


01/03/24 02:35 PM #1519    


Sharon Tincher (Scholl-Nabulsi)

January 3, 2024 Class of 1961 luncheon at Carlita's Place: Front Row: Jack Dorsett; 2nd Row:  Nan Hays, Linda Johnson, Sally Trancoso, Georgia Merschman, Sharon Scholl- Nabulsi, Back Row: John Kent, Karan Faul, Dutch Martinez, Linda Meyer,Bill Boomer,Robert Johnson, Gary McVey and David Neubel. 

01/03/24 02:47 PM #1520    


Sharon Tincher (Scholl-Nabulsi)

01/04/24 09:21 AM #1521    


Sandi Thompson (Philips)

Happy anniversary, Sally and Jesse!


01/04/24 10:44 AM #1522    


Sandra Buckley (Matthews)



Happy Anniversary to Sally and Jesse !  You have made a great life for each other - love always overcomes !

Loved the two pictures of past and present !!!




01/04/24 12:14 PM #1523    


Melinda Lang (Bachman)

Happy Anniversary Sally and Jesse.  Great pictures!

01/04/24 05:13 PM #1524    


Sally Morton (Trancoso)

Thank you so much for your good wishes. Jesse and I are enjoying our retirement and hope we can have many more years together. We've probably walked a million miles, rode our bikes almost as far and had great times in Colorado visiting Dana and Scott. Last summer we built a fence and tore down 3 sections of the old one surrounding our house. Keep moving!!!!

01/05/24 05:34 AM #1525    


Cyndy Day (Savage)

Happy anniversary. Enjoy. 

01/05/24 07:01 AM #1526    


Georgia O'Donnell (Merschman)

Happy Anniversary to the both of you.

01/06/24 02:16 PM #1527    


Sharon Tincher (Scholl-Nabulsi)

Classmates: I just found out that Charlie LaFrenz is in the Blessing Hospital in Quincy, Illinois! He is having a procedure tomorrow where they are putting a catheter into his heart and on Monday another procedure! He told me they said his heart is working  about 20% which of course is not good! His email is if you want to send him a note! I think we should all send Charlie a note or a prayer! May God Bless Charlie!

01/08/24 05:22 PM #1528    


Patsy Cordray (VanPelt)

Sally and Jesse wishing you a very Happy 60th Anniversary and many more to come! I loved the portrait of you and Jesse..... you're a goodlooking couple. 

01/23/24 10:39 AM #1529    


Sharon Tincher (Scholl-Nabulsi)

I want to remind people to go to

to read. Charlie's obituary that he wrote himself! It's amazing!!

02/07/24 04:32 PM #1530    


Sharon Tincher (Scholl-Nabulsi)

February luncheon of the FMHS Class of 1961, Feb 7, 2024 L-R Front Row: Nan Hays, David Neubel, John Kent, Jack Dorsett, Back Row L-R: Linda Meyer, Linda Johnson, Bill Boomer, Robert Johnson, Georgia Merschman, Karan Faul, Sharon Scholl-Nabulsi, Jack Moore, & Sally Trancoso.

02/09/24 01:50 PM #1531    


Sharon Tincher (Scholl-Nabulsi)

Classmates: We've lost another classmate. Judy Swanson Medland passed away in a nursing home in Warsaw,Illinois last night. I have no details other than no funeral  for Judy. If I do get any I will post it! 

02/09/24 04:57 PM #1532    


Sharon Tincher (Scholl-Nabulsi)

Classmates: Judy Swanson Sammons obit is on! There are no services indicated.

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