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09/16/21 07:50 AM #1394    


Nan Nelson (Hays)

Wow!  Our reunion went without a hitch...thanks to Sharon, our great organizer!     So much fun seeing everyone & catching up on what was going on in their lives.  Weather was great all the time. Rodeo was very entertaining!  It will be wonderful if we can come together again in 2years. Certainly an event to look forward to!

I am planning on trip soon in October.  Wanting to see Wisconsin with the beautiful trees & lakes.  Will take some tours. Plan on renting  a cabin on lake if possible. All still in planning stage at this point.

Attaching the reunion picture: Fourth row(left)Robert Brannon,Richard Gaule,Charlie LaFrenze,Gary St Clair, David Nuebel,Jerry Applegate,Andry Andrews,John Kent,& Tom Humburd. Third row: Terry Noonan,Gabriel Martinez,Jack Moore,David Brown,Bill Mathews,Bradley Wiedmann,John Frey,&Bob Pezley.  Second row: Gary McVey,Sandra Morrison Wisehart,Sandi Thompson Phillips,Melinda Lang Bachman,Janet Rhoades Vaughn,Sandra Ruppenkamp Brown,Judy Perry Tremmeling,Darla Qualls Dennison,Jack Dorsett&Bob Woolever.  First row: Marcia Conley Davis,Mary James Chapman,Georgia O'Donnell Merschman,Sharon Duncan Strunk,Pat Holmes Bradley,Betty McClinthen Oiler, Linda Harley Hansen,Linda Hayes Mayer,Sharon Philpott Haugen,Nancy Nelson Hays, Sandrs Buckley Matthews, & Sharon Tincher Scholl-Nabulsi.

09/16/21 09:52 AM #1395    


Judi Perry

Sharon - you did it again!!  What a wonderful time we had.  It was nice seeing everyone again - are we getting younger???  (Ha Ha)    Maybe we can all get together again in the future. We missed the ones who could not make it this year. Keep well, everyone, until we meet again.

09/17/21 10:32 AM #1396    


Karan Kreighbaum (Faul)

Hi everyone... I'm so sorry I couldn't make it to the 60th reunion. But reading all of your messages and seeing the pictures is a real treat. Our class is so lucky to have Sharon to organize things. Glad to hear there might be another mini-reunion in a couple of years. Hopefully I'll be able to make that one.

09/17/21 12:37 PM #1397    


Marcia Conley (Davis)

Thanks, Nancy, for posting the class photo with names.

09/29/21 05:48 AM #1398    


Bill Orr

Looks like a great time was had by all at the reunion. Sharon, you are the best!

Sorry I missed it but we are still Covid conscious and have curtailed our traveling. Perhaps next time. Missed everyone especially Bob Woolever my old fishing and hunting buddy. Perhaps he will give me a chance to beat him in Chess. We played hundreds of games and he won them all. 

Jean and I got our 3rd Covid shot Monday and no effects. Getting our Flu shot today. Although we didn't know it you can get both Flu and Covid shots at the same time. Good to know.

Your Class Mate


10/06/21 03:02 PM #1399    


Sharon Tincher (Scholl-Nabulsi)

FMHS Class of 1961 monthly luncheon on 10/6/21Left to right: Jack Moore, Jack Dorsett, David Neubel, Gary McVey, John Kent, Dutch Martinez, Linda Meyer, Nancy Hays,Sally Trancoso, Georgia Merschman, Betty Oiler, Sharon Scholl-Nabulsi, Sandy Wisehart.

10/06/21 03:25 PM #1400    


Sharon Tincher (Scholl-Nabulsi)

Such a great time we had today at our monthly luncheon! Come join us any members of the Class of 1961!

11/15/21 09:04 AM #1401    


Sandra Buckley (Matthews)

Hello to all our classmates - Bill and I hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving next week and are able to spend time with your families and good friends and neighbors.  Just looked at when I last posted anything, and it was actually BEFORE our great 60th Reunion - once again, thanks to Sharon Nabulsi and her faithful local clan, it was a wonderful weekend.

I mentioned on our last MESSAGE FORUM that our youngest granddaughter, Tatum Matthews, was busy this past summer taking part in a film production - Warner Media, who has the television Channel, CW, has recreated the 50th Anniversary Show of the 1971 special of "The Waltons Christmas Homecoming".  Of course, it's an all new cast (with many original actors having passed away), and Tatum is fortunate to be playing the role of Erin Walton, the middle daughter.  The original "John Boy", played by Richard Thomas, is alive and well and narrates this new made for TV, 2 hour movie.  If you have access to the CW Channel and are looking for some wholesome TV family viewing, it will be televised TWICE before Christmas - the Sunday after Thanksgiving, November 28, from 8:00 to 10:00 PM (believe that's Eastern Time Zone), and again, Saturday, December 11, same times.  The DVD of this same new cast show will be available to purchase at Best Buy, Target, and Walmart after December 14.  Tatum and her mother, Tamrah, just returned last night, from Los Angeles, CA, where they attended the Premiere Showing - such a fun time for an almost 13 year old sweetheart.

We pray all of you have managed to avoid COVID, have taken your flu shots and COVID Boosters, and are generally managing to stay as healthy as possible.  Life seems to be picking up speed every day and unfortunately, we've lost several North Carolina friends and neighbors since September.  So, take good care of yourselves and treat each day as a blessing.  We will be at home for Thanksgiving with our oldest son, Jay, and hope to have some neighbors join us - then Jay will accompany us to Hilton Head, SC for the week prior to Christmas, and on to Florida for Christmas with his brother, Joe, and wife, Tamrah, and the 2 granddaughters, Aila and Tatum.  Holidays are just the best when families are able to gather together. 

Hugs to all of you,  Sandy & Bill Mattthews

11/17/21 01:18 PM #1402    


Nan Nelson (Hays)

Members meeting for Nov. lunch:  Back : Gabe  Martinez,  Gary McVey, Jack Moore, Dave Nuebel, & Jack Dorsett.  Front: John Kent, Linda Meyer, Sally Trancoso, & Georgia Merschman.  

11/17/21 01:23 PM #1403    


Nan Nelson (Hays)

I have not been successful in getting photo turned right side up! Sorry!

11/25/21 08:36 PM #1404    


Marcia Conley (Davis)


I lost my balance and fell on November 9 while getting ready for bed and broke my left hip.  On November 10, I had complete hip replacement, I just spent 9 days in Hoag Acute Rehab in Newport Beach and came home on Sunday, November 21!  Two major surgeries in 8 months is not my idea of slowing down!  Back into physical therapy for the upcoming weeks.

11/26/21 12:09 AM #1405    


Joyce Casady (Sheumaker)

Marcia, So sorry to hear about your fall and broken hip.  Glad to hear that surgery went okay and you are back home.  Praying that physical therapy is going okay for now and the weeks will go by fast for you. Will keep you in my prayers!  Keep us informed of your progress?


11/26/21 05:44 AM #1406    


Nan Nelson (Hays)

My sincere sympathy Marcia!  So sorry your Thanksgiving wasn't great but so glad you are okay!  My prayers are with you as your body is on the mend.  Hugs, Nancy

11/26/21 08:45 AM #1407    


Georgia O'Donnell (Merschman)

So sorry to hear about your fall. Glad to hear you are home and on the mend. Sending hugs and prayers to you Marcia.



11/26/21 10:17 AM #1408    


Sharon Tincher (Scholl-Nabulsi)

Marcia, I just read your story and am sorry that you broke your hip! It happens to the best of us including me! Mine was six years ago however but you will mend and be as good as new! I hope you could enjoy Thanksgiving! I'm sure your daughter is helping you with your recovery! Happy Holidays to you and your family!

11/26/21 02:09 PM #1409    


Sandra Buckley (Matthews)

Dear friend, That was certainly shocking news about your fall and broken hip !!!  Bill and I send our prayers for a quick and total recovery. You have had a very challenging past year - here's to 2022 being full of many good blessings for you !!  Keep us updated on your rehab 👍🥰

11/26/21 02:42 PM #1410    


Melinda Lang (Bachman)

Marcia so sorry to learn about your fall and the broken hip.  Hope you are feeling better as time goes on.  Keep us informed about your progess.  



11/26/21 03:05 PM #1411    


Karan Kreighbaum (Faul)

Marcia... So sorry to hear of your fall. But so glad you are home and on the mend.

11/26/21 05:26 PM #1412    


Sandi Thompson (Philips)

Marcia, I was so sorry to hear about your fall/surgery.  I will keep you in my prayers for a very quick recovery.


11/26/21 06:04 PM #1413    


Cyndy Day (Savage)

Many prayers and thoughts are coming your way Marcia. God bless your recovery 

11/28/21 05:08 PM #1414    


Marcia Conley (Davis)

Thank you for all your prayers and responses.  

12/01/21 06:56 PM #1415    


Sharon Tincher (Scholl-Nabulsi)

December 1, Class 1961 Luncheon Left to Right: Jack Moore, Dutch Martinez, Jack Dorrsett,John Kent,David Neubel, Nancy Hays,Sharon Scholl-Nabulsi,Sally Trancoso,Georgia Merschman, Gary McVey,and Linda Meyer

12/02/21 09:43 AM #1416    


Sandra Buckley (Matthews)

As Always - we are happy to see our classmates smiling faces all gathered for lunch !  Thanks for posting!

We have some sad news to share from our immediate Matthews side of the family - Bill's younger sister, Trudy Hesse, became a widow this past Saturday, November 28.  Her husband was Ray Hesse and they would have been married 54 years this December 16th.  Ray has an older brother, Dick Hesse, that also graduated from FMHS around 1958, I believe, that many of you would also remember.  Unfortunately, Ray began his second courageous battle with prostate cancer this summer and was several months into chemotherapy when he developed pneumonia about 2 weeks ago.  Trudy & Ray have lived in Overland Park, KS for almost the last 30+ years, where Ray was in HyVee management and the Food Distribution industry.  We are so grateful that we made the trip on to Kansas after our 60th Class Reunion this past September, and spent 3 wonderful days visiting with them and their daughters, who also live nearby. 

All is well here in Eastern North Carolina - Bill is in his glory out on a local golf course today with a buddy from here in Cypress Glen - Tommy (his buddy) is 85 years old and golfs 2 to 3 times a week - he's Bill's inspiration!

We are heading to Hilton Head Island, SC on December 19th for a couple days, and then on to Atlanic Beach, FL for Christmas with our younger son, Joe, and his family.  Jay (our oldest son) will be able to travel with us !  He hasn't seen his brother since 2017 !

Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas - spending it with the people who mean the most to you ! 

Sandy & Bill Matthews


12/03/21 10:04 AM #1417    


Sharon Tincher (Scholl-Nabulsi)

So sorry for Trudy and sad to hear about Ray passing away! Prayers to you two as well as Trudy and her family! So good you got to see them in September! Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year to you and Bill!

01/15/22 07:19 AM #1418    


Brad Wiedmann

Greetings from the Northwoods of Wisconsin on this cool Saturday morning, January 15, and Happy New Year!  It is quite seasonal here with snow on the ground and 2 degrees below zero this morning.  We have been at 20 below zero this month and can even be colder at 35 below in prior years.  Our lakes look like used pickup truck lots parked next to ice shanties.  Looks like a good portion of Iowa received snow yesterday?  Happy shoveling.

On a more somber note, our Memory Page indicates we have lost 46 of our 151 graduating class members.  Most recently was a fellow Richardson Grade School graduate, Dick Calhoun.  May they all rest in peace.

I'm sure your COVID/Omicron numbers have overcrowded your hospitals as they have here?  In the early days of this pandemic I didn't know of anyone having COVID.  This picture has changed quite dramatically today as the list is quite lengthy of people I personally know who have had or currently have the virus.  I am very fortunate that I was able to easily schedule and recieve both Pfizer shots and booster.

Once again, I'd like to formally thank Sharon and Nan(Nancy) again for putting together our 60th last September.  It was memorable to see and visit with the best class ever to come out of FMHS.  I also truly appreciate the posting of the continuing monthly lunches in Ft Madison.  I also enjoy seeing the videos posted on FB of the passenger trains stopping at the Train Depot.

I'm heading to my brother's home just outside Oskaloosa the last weekend of January to help him celebrate his 83rd.  I then will drive out to CO with my one year old Chocolate Lab to visit daughter and family and be back to WI sometime in March where we will still be in the throes of winter.

Finally, I wish you all good health and hope to see you all again soon.



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