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Gerald Schultz

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03/26/11 03:24 PM #1    

Sally Morton (Trancoso)

I'm telling you, this must be the day for remembering old boyfriends.  Gerald and I were sweet on each other off and on for a few years in grade school.  He would walk me home from school and stand out in front of my house for hours talking and making me laugh.  We went on a hayride together, and skating parties, and I asked him to go with me to a Rainbow dance.  I remember his sister drove us to the dance and came and got us afterwards. One really great memory I had was in the 4th grade around Halloween time.  He asked me what I was going to wear trick or treating.  I told him I was going as a pirate.  The next day, when he walked me home from school, he gave me a sword that he made himself!  It was very clever and I was very impressed! During a movie we went to in 6th grade one afternoon, he gave me my first real grown up kiss.....not the "smackers" I had gotten up till then....a tender, sweet kiss that I never forgot!  One thing about growing up in a small town is the great guys I got to know.....and I ended up marrying the one who lived only 2 1/2 blocks from me.

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