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04/10/19 08:58 PM #1081    


Sharon Tincher (Scholl-Nabulsi)

FYI: We have now lost 35 members (that we know of) of the Class of 1961 out of 151 members. Time waits for no man. 

06/07/19 02:05 PM #1082    


Nancy Nelson (Hays)

Several members of  class of 61attending June luncheon. Great to catch up with each other...a good connection!

06/07/19 02:11 PM #1083    


Nancy Nelson (Hays)

Several members of class of 61 met today at the River Rock Restaurant in Fort Madison for our June luncheon.

Lots of catching up was done . A good connection among us!  Below is photo!


06/08/19 03:59 PM #1084    


Linda Kirchner (Schrader)

Sorry I missed the luncheon but I'm in CO enjoying great girlfriends, Melinda Backman, Sandi Philips, & Susie Vacilek. We went to the top of Rocky Mtn. National Park. The snow was 30' high. Pictures will follow on face book.

06/08/19 06:25 PM #1085    


Nancy Nelson (Hays)

Happy you are having great time with classmates...especially in CO.  Hope to seeing you & Sandi in July.  Melinda, wish you were closer!

06/09/19 08:03 AM #1086    


Sandra Buckley (Matthews)

Bill and I are so appreciative of the postings on our class Message Forum and the pictures that often accompany the posts.  You all that are local to the Fort Madison area or close by enough and make the effort to gather once a month and break bread and fellowship together are truly special people  - maintaining that relationship that for many goes back past our high school years !!!  It's great to see your faces and feel your presence !!!  Thank you to Nancy Hayes for her organization of this event and we hope to see lots of you at our 60th reunion !!!  All is well here in eastern North Carolina - God is GOOD !!!!  Bill continues to enjoy golf with his buddies about 3 times a week and also stays busy here in our retirement community, helping with a group of veterans.  We have had the priviledge of establishing a friendship with a World War II veteran - Dr. Earl Trevathean.  He was a pharmacist mate on ship off the coast of Europe, bringing home sailors at age 18 !!!  He returned to his home state and went on to college and medical school and eventaully became a pediatric neuro-surgeon.  He is almost 95 years old & still going strong !  Our age is going to be tested here in just a couple months - our new house, being built here in Cypress Glen, is scheduled to be finished by the end of August and we will finally be moving in !!!!  It's been so much fun picking out paint colors, lighting fixtures, kitchen cabinets and tile and counter tops, some new Sunroom furniture and accent pieces - thought that when Bill reitred in 2003 and we moved south, that I had decorated my last home.  I don't relish all that packing up and unpacking, and my back surgery of 2014 is giving me some painful issues again - BUT, we will manage !!!  We had a great 2 week trip to Ireland in late April/early May and loved seeing that lushious green countryside - so many castles still standing - felt like we learned lots about Ireland's complicated history and politics - plus visited a couple Irish Whiskey manufacturers (Jamison and Tullamore) and of course, spent a lovely afternoon touring Guiness Beer - Ireland's most famouns brewery !  I even tried to learn a few steps with the Irish River Dance performers - the mind was willing, but the body didn't quite keep up !!!

Keep posting every one !  All enjoy hearing what everyone is up to these days.  Hope the Mighty Mississippi gets back to its normal level soon - Riverview Park will have a whole new layer of soil with this year's flood !!!!

06/10/19 01:04 PM #1087    


Sharon Tincher (Scholl-Nabulsi)

Thank you Sandy for your post and informative narrative I wish more people would follow suit! Again I say “PEOPLE” please write and tell us what you are doing!


06/10/19 04:26 PM #1088    


Linda Kirchner (Schrader)

Sandi Philips, Melinda Bachman & I are enjoying our last day in Estes Park, CO. We flly home tomorrow. It has been the most relaxing 5 days we've had for a long time. We were busy doing nothing. We had late nights of yakking & catching up with each other. We shopped, ate out, had drinks. Saturday Susie Vacilek came up from Denver & spent the day with us. Invited Diane Zarlengo also, but she couldn't make it. Susie guided us through Rocky Mtn. National Park & we took lots of pics of Elk...& also had to wait for a herd crossin the road about a mile from our condo. It was so good to all get together, we talked & talked...imagine that!!! We found several great places to eat, so if someone is heading out this way, we can make recommendations.Even saw a guy from my Hamilton, where I live, small world. This afternoon we drove by the famous Stanley Hotel, & sat out on the top deck of Estes Brewery, had beverages, & soaked up the sun. We've had fabulous weather & a beautiful condo.

Linda, Melinda & Sandi

07/06/19 10:44 AM #1089    


William (Bill) Patrigo

I noted that Mad Magazine is going into retirement. That made me recall that when I was once ill Jack Sears and Bill Boomer walked to my home and gave me an issue of Mad Magazine. That was not only a kind gesture, but thereafter significantly changed my sense of humor. This recollection also makes me recognize how the seemingly very small acts of others in our class routinely influenced the rest.

07/07/19 04:19 PM #1090    


Nancy Nelson (Hays)

Thanks Bill for sharing this memory recollection.  May all of us reflect on times when we were on the receiving end of an act of kindness. When opportunity arises to be " kind to someone" may we do so. What it does for you will equal what is received! God bless!

07/08/19 10:40 PM #1091    

Lynda Beattie (Boomer)

This is Bill Boomer:

1.  Thank you for your note -- what memories of 60 years ago!!

2.  Lynda Beattie and I have been married 54 years -- we got married right after college -- we now live in Macomb, Illinois,  which is about an hour east of Ft. Madison -- we are both retired -- Lynda was a high school English and psychology teacher, and I was a professor of special education (adolescents with behavior disorders).

3.  FMHS '61 classmates in the area get together once a month for lunch -- we're meeting this Friday, July 12 -- it is nice to see people and get caught up on their lives.

4.  Something funny -- recently I said to Betty McClinthen, she is very pretty and a very nice girl, "Betty, you look just like you did in high school."  She said, "Oh, my God -- I looked liked this in high school!!  No wonder I never had a date!!"  Of course, like any good politician, I didn't apoligize and quickly denied I ever said it. 

5.  I think that you and I are among the few who didn't become lifers at DuPont -- Bill Mathews, Don Leach, and David Brown all made a career at DuPont -- I'm sure that there are others I can't think of.

I hope you will stay touch.  Bill & Lynda Boomer



07/09/19 07:14 AM #1092    


Sandra Buckley (Matthews)

This note is in response to what Bill Boomer recently posted - the other fellow that worked his entire career for DuPont was Joe Roberts - believe he was also in sales, like Don Leach.  From what I understand, Joe now lives in Marshall, Michigan - a widower, after his sweet wife, Linda Young, a Ft. Madison Aquinas grad, past away a couple years ago.  Joe has a daughter, son-in-law, and 2 grandsons who live either in Marshall or very close by.  I do believe he may be coming to the 60th Class Reunion.  There was also a female classmate who worked for DuPont - but just for a short time - Patsy Cordrey Van Pelt - she was a secretary/administrative assistant in the office and worked for my dad, who was the office manager during that time period.  I just remember Dad speaking so highly of her - he thought she was one of the best he'd ever had there !

07/09/19 11:21 AM #1093    


Brad Wiedmann

Well, Mr Bill Boomer.  You ought to do very well interacting with our class these days since you were a Professor who worked with adolescents with behavior issues?  Anyway, good to read your post.  Definitely hope to see you and Lynda at our our 60th.  I hope I do make it to one of the luncheons on the first Friday of the month.

07/09/19 03:41 PM #1094    


Jerry Rees

Bill & Linda (or Linda & Bill),

Congratulations on your 54th anniversary!  You may recall that I was there--at Danforth Chapel on the University of Kansas Campus.  I also remember your reception at that grand old mansion on Mass Street.  Everytinme I dirve by that block I think of you both.

We visit Lawrene occasionally.  Our daughter Jamie (a 4th generation Jayhawk) lives in Lawrence and commmutes to her work at the KU Medical Center in Kansas City KS, where she is curator of their medical museum and assistant librarian of their old books library.

Will you BOTH be coming to the 60th reunion?  Or will Bill cop out as before?

Blessings, Jerry (and Sallie)


07/16/19 07:06 AM #1095    


Linda Kirchner (Schrader)

Just read that our Freshman year Home Ec. teacher passed away. Marilyn Simmons taught 2 years in Ft. Mad. She married Dr. E. L.  Wallace in May of 1960 & they moved to Davenport, IA. He was an Osteopath. Just a bit of interesting info...who remembers her???

07/16/19 06:02 PM #1096    


Linda Kirchner (Schrader)

Doe anyone know anything about a shop downtown, across the sreet from Stage 2, called Vitality, or the owner?? Not sure what all they sell.

07/17/19 06:51 AM #1097    


Sandra Buckley (Matthews)

Yes, Linda, I remember Miss Simmons from Freshman Home Ec - it seems someone from Administration had informed her that my mother had passed away that summer and she designated herself to take me "under her wing".  She took me to Burlington a few times after school to shop for fabric, since I loved to sew my own clothes and we would stop and have dinner on the way home.  I always appreciated her attempts to provide me with advice and comfort, since that very first year of high school without a mother was pretty tough.......she had a big heart that many didn't realize.

07/17/19 10:08 PM #1098    

Bill Boomer

1.   Linda, a while back you sent me the name of a prominent artist in the Hamilton area, but I somehow lost your e-mail — can you send his name again — does he do landscapes, portraits?

2   You said that you know Phil Brevick who also lives in Hamilton — he does hyper-realistic frontier landscapes — a few years ago he and I used to paint together regularly — if you see him (grocery store, post office, etc.), please tell him hi — he is a very good person and a wonderful painter — he taught me a lot and was very encouraging. 

Thank you for your help.  I hope we see you at one of the first-Friday lunches in Fort Madison.  Bill & Lynda Boomer 





07/17/19 10:29 PM #1099    


Sharon Tincher (Scholl-Nabulsi)

I don’t remember Miss Simmons! Does that mean I might be forgetful? I remember Miss Yocum and Miss Jacobs!  

The class luncheons are so interesting! We had a newcomer last Friday, Jack Dorsett! We hope there are more of you who will join us one of these first Fridays! Sorry we forgot to take a photo!

FYI our 60th reunion will be in September 2021! Can you even comprehend 60 years out of high school?  

I hope many of you can make it! We plan to have VIP seats in the new bleachers with a great view of the Tri-State Rodeo! If you all have 2021 calendars it’s the Wednesday thru Saturday after Labor Day! We will be attending the Rodeo on Thursday night as we can all be together in the VIP section that night! By the way that means we, the Class of 1961 are Very Important People! So mark your calendars and watch the website starting next year for more information!

07/17/19 10:36 PM #1100    


Sharon Tincher (Scholl-Nabulsi)

I almost forgot, Linda Schrader asked me to post this picture of Davis Murguia and his wife having lunch with her a couple of weeks ago in Branson, Missouri!

07/17/19 10:38 PM #1101    


Sharon Tincher (Scholl-Nabulsi)

OMG! I spelled Davis instead of David Murguia!Fat fingers on this tiny keyboard! Forgive me David!

07/23/19 10:05 AM #1102    


William (Bill) Patrigo

Bill Boomer's recent post mentioning that he and Lynda had both instructed others over the years made me think of the following story.

Husband: Well, how was your first day at the new lab?

Wife: It was terrible!! I don't even know what the cloning machine does?

Husband: Well, that makes two of us.

07/24/19 03:29 PM #1103    


Nancy Nelson (Hays)


07/24/19 08:56 PM #1104    

Lynda Beattie (Boomer)

Love it!


07/25/19 12:23 PM #1105    


William (Bill) Patrigo

I am glad I made some folks smile.  I previously worked with an Arkansas lawyer in Louisiana doing FEMA appeals and arbitrations. He was a very funny guy and we shared a lot a lot of silly stories.  I will tell one more - then promise to tell no more.

It's early morning in a dentist's office. The dentist goes into his waiting room and sees a man sitting in a chair.

Dentist - Hello, I didn't realize that I had any patients this early.  What seems to be the problem.

Man - I think I'm a moth.

Dentist - A moth? You don't need a dentist, you need a psychiatrist!

Man - I know.

Dentist - If you know, what are you doing here? I'm a dentist.

Man - The light was on.

I promise - No more.

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