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12/28/19 02:29 PM #1176    

Sandi Thompson (Philips)





Linda was such a unique friend! She was so caring and compassionate. I remember arriving at the airport in Nashville and being greeted by this lady Decked out in strange clothes and hat.  I feel very blessed to have known Linda. She brought sunshine to everyone she met. She will be missed!


12/29/19 11:31 AM #1177    


Brad Wiedmann

The memories of Linda are all good.  I am glad I knew her.

01/03/20 03:30 PM #1178    


Nancy Nelson (Hays)

Members meeting for our first monthly class lunch, Jan.2020.  Back:  David Nuebel, Mary James, Sally Morton, Jack Dorsett, Jack Moore, Gabe Martinez, Ron Holvey.  Middle: Sharon Strunk, Jan Moore.  Front: Nancy Hays, Betty Oiler, Linda Sheets, & Sharon Brotherton.  

02/02/20 01:24 PM #1179    


Sharon Tincher (Scholl-Nabulsi)

classmates: Our classmate and friend Sharon Cross Brotherton passed away this morning! May she REST IN PEACE! God bless her husband and family! I have no other information at this time! I will write as soon as I have more details !🙏🙏🙏❤️

02/02/20 03:06 PM #1180    


Karan Kreighbaum (Faul)

I was so saddened to hear of the loss of another classmate this morning... my longtime friend, Sharon Cross Brotherton. I had seen her and visited with her just a few days ago. I will miss her. My thoughts and prayers go out to her husband, Pat, her daughter, Tina, her grandkids, and all of her family. 

02/02/20 10:00 PM #1181    


Sharon Tincher (Scholl-Nabulsi)

Please go to for all the pertinent information about Sharon Cross Brotherson's funeral on February 5th! May she Rest In Peace! God bless her husband and family in the days and weeks to come! 

02/03/20 10:33 AM #1182    


Pat Holmes (Bradley)

Sharon and I were very good longtime friends.  It is hard to believe that she is gone but will be thought about forever.  Prayers to Pat, Tina and her family.

02/03/20 10:52 AM #1183    


Cyndy Day (Savage)

I am remembering her family and thank you Sharon for keeping us informed, it means so much. God bless

02/03/20 02:42 PM #1184    


Marcia Conley (Davis)

I am saddened to hear of another classmate passing.  My deepest sympathy to her husband and family.

02/05/20 10:01 AM #1185    


Judi Perry

So sorry to hear about Sharon Brotherton.  I worked with her and her husband at Sheaffer's.  Such a sweet lady.  Prayers to Pat and their familly at this sad time.  God Bless!

02/07/20 03:49 PM #1186    


Nancy Nelson (Hays)

02/07/20 03:54 PM #1187    


Nancy Nelson (Hays)

Class members meeting for lunch at the River Rock restaurant in Fort Madison. Back row: Sally Morton Trancoso,Sharon  Duncan Strunk, Jack Moore, Jan Moore, David Neubel, Linda Hayes Meyer, Gabe Martinez, Ron Holvey.  Front row: Betty McClinthen  Oilar, John Kent, Linda Jondall Sheets, Pat  Holmes Bradley, & Nancy Nelson Hays.

03/06/20 03:04 PM #1188    


Nancy Nelson (Hays)

Members attending monthly class luncheon: back row: Sally Morton Trancoso, Ron Holvey, Gary McVey, Linda Hartley Hanson, David Neubel. Front: Georgia O'Donnell Merschman, Sharon Duncan Strunk, Barbra McVey, Nancy Nelson Hays, Linda Hayes Meyer, John Kent.

03/07/20 05:01 PM #1189    


Cyndy Day (Savage)

What a great group. Thank you for the pictures, so nice to see. 

03/17/20 12:55 AM #1190    


David Murguia

Just want thank everybody that sent birthday wishes .

03/27/20 07:47 AM #1191    


Sandra Buckley (Matthews)

Thinking of all of us "oldsters", who THEY say are most vulnerable to COVID-19, and wishing you continued good health !!!!  So far, so good for Bill and me.  Our Methodist run Retirement/Continuing Care Community has been included in NC State mandated rules (because we have a 40 bed Skilled Nursing Unit) to be in a lockdown mode for all residents.  This went into effect on March 12th.  No resident leaves the campus unless it is a medical emergency that can't be address by our own Clinic Staff and no visitors (even family) comes in unless a resident is in Hospice Care and near death.  Our Dining Rooms had gone to two seatings a week ago, to cut back on the number of people being in the same area (we have 4 large dining rooms that are interconnected to the main kitchen).  As of tomorrow, March 28th, ALL meals will be delivered to residents - we have a general menu of the day and then other items can be special ordered.  For residents like us, in stand alone homes and on a different meal plan, staff is going to 2 different grocery stores, twice a week, to shop for the things we need for our own breakfasts and lunches.  We just turn in a grocery list the evening before and it is delivered by a Security Staff member the next afternoon.  We feel extremely safe and will continue to "hunker down" as long as is needed to contain the virus.  As of this morning, Pitt County, where Greenville is located, has had only 10 confirmed COVID-19 cases, but over 100 have been tested and are awaiting results.  Greenville has the largest hospital in Eastern North Carolina, along with the Brody School of Medicine, a part of East Carolina University - they are prepared to handle as many cases as possible, unless the virus goes haywire in this region. 

Just like in World War II, for our parents' generation, we need to rise to the occasion, and do our part to help by observing all the rules and being good citizens.  Blessing to all of our classmates !!


Sandy & Bill Matthews


03/28/20 08:48 AM #1192    


Jack Sears

Surviving COVID19 lockdown. Business owners in the Chicago suburban area (The Northshore)  where we live have stepped up pretty good to do curbside and home delivery of essentials like fresh roasted coffee beans, groceries, Chiinese takeout. 

Not surprised Amazon was the first in our area to figure out how to do home delivery reliably. Amazon Prime Whole Foods will often have delivery time slots available same day. The other large stores in our area use InstaCart and InstaCart was simply not able to handle the surge. Their earliest grocery delivery slots were often not available at all or not for several days. Even curbside pick up was a problem for local stores. Large regional chains like Jewel-Osco (Albertsons), Marianos, and Heinens simply got caught with their pants down - not even curbside pick-up capacity at many stores. similar problems with restaurant home delivery - GrubHub and DoorDash not set up for the increased demand.

Now that the most famous of doomsday models of the impact have been shown to be way out of whack, by a lot - probably 1 order of magnitude, with the reality being recorded on the ground, hopefully the government can step back & make changes to policy to get the low risk groups of people back to work so they can take better care of us in the higher risk groups ASAP. 

Stir crazy here like I am sure a lot of you are too. 

Technology experience possibly of interest to us oldsters: I broke my old Series II Apple Watch. Bought a new Series 5 Cellular model. Neat features: if we fall & can't get up, the gadget will automatically call 911. It also has an ECG sensor, which is important to me because of a recent diagnosis of A-Fib. Also, like the Series II is has a heart rate monitor that I like to look at when exercising. My pacemaker uploads data to my cardiologist every 6 months. The most recent upload caught my Afib. I knew something was wrong when my cardio guy called me in a month early before our standing annual check up. He knew the date and time of day when it started. January 23, 100 hours of A-Fib. He put me on Eliquis blood thinners. It is the increased risk of blood clots that can kill. He said most people find out they have A-fib when they come in after having a stroke. So, I am loving this technology. 

Also the TV - can you tell I love technology? The 12 year old Sony XBR 46" 1080p finally gave up the ghost. I am prolly the last person on the planet not to have a giant screen 4K TV. We did not go crazy with size, but I did do the OLED 4K Sony XBR 55". Same footprint as the old TV. BEautiful job by Sony. Most of what we see on our TV screen is produced by computers inside our TV. Everything is more computer than anything else these days: our phones, cars, and TV's.

Hope you are all well.













03/29/20 12:33 PM #1193    


Sharon Tincher (Scholl-Nabulsi)

Hello to all you "kids" out there in Covid-19 land! There's hardly a place on earth that hasn't been touched! HOWEVER, I can report right here in Lee County IOWA we have NO CASES  of the virus! We are all being very very good and staying home except for a few workers! Moudy and I returned home from Our winter home in Florida via car on March 20th! We had made two different airline reservations and finally after seeing the mess on the news at O'Hare airport in Chicago that we were driving home! We loaded up our car and had food and drink, rubber gloves to wear to pump gas along the way and Clorox wipes to open doors at rest areas! We stopped only one night in Auburn at my son's hotel and we had in room dining there! Then on Saturday we drove 810 miles from Auburn to FM!  Needless  to say we were tired but very happy to be home! So far so good here! Today we are having 25-30 mile an hour winds with some gusts up to 50 mph! Yikes! I pray that you are all staying home and be safe! By the way my closets have never been so clean! Ha!Ha! Take care and God bless you all!    Sharon


03/30/20 10:42 AM #1194    


Brad Wiedmann

Greetings from Wisconsin.  Spring is definitely making an appearance with 100's of Robins, Trumpeter Swans, Mallard Ducks, Canada Geese, Sandhill Cranes and a multitude of song birds.  Large lakes are all still frozen.  They were still driving pickups and cars on them on the 15th of March.  99% of the snow has disappeared even though it snowed yesterday along with rain.  We had 9 degrees one night late last week.  Going to be 53 today and sunny.

So far no COVID-19 in our Barron County a population of approximately 45,000+.  Don't know whether it is because there is such limited testing or the fact that most people have been observing the social distance of 6 feet.  Our unit of measure here is three 24 inch Walleyes end to end.  Bars, restaurants, churches, barber shops/salons, etc., have all been closed down for a few weeks now.  I have been in my home for two weeks now since returning from CO.  I do venture out daily so my dog can run up at some soccer fields close to my home.  I go to church on-line.  I order groceries on-line and drive to the store and they put the groceries in the back seat.  Have used curbside meal pick up a few times from local restaurants.  I only ventured one time into a retail store for some eggs(rare commodity) and some wine(a needed commodity).

I hope you all are doing well during this pandemic?  The prediction for WI is that it won't peak until May 22 and we will still have patients in the hospitals in July.  Take care and look forward to seeing as many of you as possible September 2021.  Blessings to all.


03/31/20 10:25 AM #1195    


Sharon Tincher (Scholl-Nabulsi)

Great to hear from those of you who have recently written on our forum! I hope more of you do the same! Tell us how you are faring during this pandemic in our country! Stay safe, stay Healthy and if you venture out of your homes wear a mask or scarf over your nose and mouth and gloves and then when you return home wash your hands, wash your hands, and did I say WASH YOUR HANDS! I'm praying for all of you! 


03/31/20 12:37 PM #1196    


Joyce Casady (Sheumaker)

Hi, from Chillicothe, MO

I posted something on the profile page--never did fiquere out which was which! We have 1 confirmed case in Livingston County--did not say where?  We have been in our home for over 2 weeks, but yesterday we had to take our dog to Vet over 1 hour away---ear problems-  They came out and got the dog outside of the car and took him in and put some medicine in both ears and brought him back outside to the car---stayed away from us! David had gloves on and put him in his crate.  Then drove back to Chillicothe and got gas(with goves on) and then home.  We live about 10 miles in the county from the West of the North side of town.  We live on the same property as our daughter Julie and her husband Tony and 18 year old grandson David.   David( his school is in Kansas City, MO--Pembroke a private school) is here and doing school online.  There other house is in Overland Park, KS that they are trying to get ready to sell whenever the market is ready for them to sell it.  He will graduate sometime but do not know when!!! He will be going to Iowa State this fall. He was accepted at 4 other schools but choose Iowa State. Prom was rescheduled for Aug!!  Julie and Tony are both pharmacist--he works at Wal Mart in Chillicothe and she works at Wal Mart in Cameron, MO. They have to work, of course.  They stay away from us at least 6 ft or more---they go and pick up our groc at Wal Mart Pick Up and leave then them on our porch. 

David stays busy working outside in the yard--about  29 acres with 2 ponds.  8 or so has to be mowed and trimed and weeds and old flowers cut down and taken to the woods with the Mule.  I am inside on my computer on ancestry.  Yes, we WASH OUR HANDS offen!  We are lucky that we can be outside whenever we want!

Thinking  and praying that all of you are well and that you stay well!!

Joyce Casady Sheumaker

04/02/20 10:11 AM #1197    


Melinda Lang (Bachman)

I left end of February for my annual trip to Florida for the month of March.  Florida was pretty much closed up couple of weeks so decided to come back to Michigan earlier.  I was planning on staying until April 7.  I left March 28 and arrived March 30.  Sharon I don't know how you did 810 miles in a day!  I take two nights on the road and 3-1/2 hours the last day.  7-8 hours a day is my limit.  Of course, I'm driving by myself.                 COVID-19 has hit hard in Michigan.  Everything is closed up except grocery stores and pharmacies.  As of April 1 there are 9334 cases and 334 deaths in Michigan.  Detroit has 2483 cases (not sure of the death count). Washtenaw county where I live has 401 cases and 8 deaths.  Most of the cases are in southeast Michigan.  Yesterday went grocery shopping to last me beyond our stay at home date of April 30 .  Our govener just announced schools will remain closed the rest of the school year.  Guess I'll use this time to clean closets, cabinets and watch TV.  Anyone having grandchildren or great grandchildren there is an app Messenger Kids that a parent can set up so you can txt and video chat with them.  I do miss seeing them in person but this helps!  Stay Safe.  Hope all is well..

Melinda Lang Bachman








04/04/20 09:18 AM #1198    


William (Bill) Patrigo

For the first time in history we can save the entire human race by laying in front of the TV and doing nothing. Lets not screw this up!

Further, when this ends - and I know it will - every game will sell out, every restaurant will have a 2 hour wait, every kid will be glad to be in school, everyone will love their jobs, the stock market will skyrocket, ever other house will get TP'd, and we'll all embrace and shake hands. That's going to be a pretty good day!

04/04/20 09:35 AM #1199    


Sharon Tincher (Scholl-Nabulsi)

04/04/20 09:36 AM #1200    


Sharon Tincher (Scholl-Nabulsi)

Good morning! We are putting Hearts on our doors and windows here in FM so that when people are out taking a walk from being couped up they can feel happy about the neighbors having hearts displayed on their homes! I hope this makes you happy too! Stay Safe!heart

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