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10/10/20 10:44 AM #1301    


Brad Wiedmann

Sorry to hear you both are dealing with this virus.  I certainly hope you recover soon.  A month or so ago I knew of no one personally who had contracted COVID.  Today, I personally know of about a dozen here in my small community, including my next door neighbors.  Take care.

10/10/20 04:13 PM #1302    


Marcia Conley (Davis)

My prayers go out to Joyce and her husband.for a speedy recovery.  Orange County, CA is doing well finally in reopening and fewer cases and deaths.  It is automatic now that I donn a mask when I go out to the grocery store, pharmacy, bank and church.  I don't wear one in my office unless clients are expected.  The mask fogs up my glasses to the point I have trouble seeing.  AND, always social distance which is very hard to do some places.

Stay well everyone and hope to see you next September at our 60th and the Rodeo!!

10/11/20 02:00 PM #1303    


Carole Narigon (Wilson)

Sorry to hear about your Covid, Joyce. Hope you both have an easy recovery.  Keep us posted on your recovery.

10/12/20 12:37 PM #1304    


Sharon Tincher (Scholl-Nabulsi)

Joyce, I'm so very sorry to learn that you and your husband have Covid! I will pray for you both for a quick recovery! This is a crazy world we live in today when we just don't know what tomorrow will bring! Rest, drink lots of fluids and get well! God bless you both!

10/23/20 09:28 PM #1305    


Joyce Casady (Sheumaker)

Update---admitted to hospital on day 12 tested positive with covid pneumonia--Oxgeon sats drop to 88 percent on  Oxgeon most of time----came hope this afternoon after being in hospital for 1 week----stats to 88 percent at times---on Oxygeon ----they say it will be a long recoveriing time-----so weak and need to walk 6 mintues 4 or 5 times a day----breathing treaments 2 or 3 times a day---Please keep me in your prayers!!!!

10/23/20 11:57 PM #1306    


Richard Gaule

Hope you both get well quickly.  Sending good thoughts and prayers.


10/24/20 06:10 AM #1307    


Sandra Buckley (Matthews)

Joyce,  Your COVID update was certainly NOT the positive news we were hoping to hear !  It sounds like the hospitalization did get you "out of the woods", and we are thankful for that.  Our aging bodies are not helping us fight this battle, if and when we contract this awful virus.  We will continue to pray for your healing - stronger every day!  We are assuming your husband has gotten better and never had to be hospitalized.  Keep the updates coming.

10/24/20 08:31 AM #1308    


Nancy Nelson (Hays) sorry to hear you are struggling with Covid.  Prayers for your continuing healing. Thank you for the update & keep us informed, please.  

10/24/20 08:46 AM #1309    


Melinda Lang (Bachman)

Joyce - so sorry you are having to go through with COVID.  Thoughts and prayers are with you.  Hope you are feeling better soon.

10/24/20 09:52 AM #1310    


Sandi Thompson (Philips)

Joyce, I am so sorry you have to deal with Covid. You definitely are in my thoughts and prayers.

10/24/20 10:06 AM #1311    


Sharon Tincher (Scholl-Nabulsi)

Joyce: I'm so very sorry to read your sad news but happy you are home! One day at a time and hopefully you will get out of the woods and get well! How is your husband doing? I will keep you two in my prayers and I will keep thinking good thoughts for you! 

10/24/20 04:02 PM #1312    


Joyce Casady (Sheumaker)

David just lost his smell and taste----do not know how long that takes to come back--this is his 24 days since coming down  with it---they claim he is over it and go out with mask and  6 feet from people---but think he will just stay home---I am still in isolation.--day 20 for me!

10/24/20 05:30 PM #1313    


Jack Sears

Thoughts and prayers to all who are dealing with COVID-19. So far, we are unscathed. Felt safe enough to do my overdue cataract surgeries in Sept & Oct. Wore glasses since 3rd grade.astigmatism both eyes. Coke bottle lenses.  These new premium lense implants give me excellent vision at all ranges without any glasses. Amazing technology  




10/24/20 05:52 PM #1314    


Sharon Tincher (Scholl-Nabulsi)

Joyce I'm happy to hear good news on your husband! I hope you keep progressing to good health!

Jack Sears good news on your cataract surgery?  Lucky for you to see without glasses.  Modern medicine is wonderful these days! Hope to see you at our 60th next Fall!

10/24/20 06:07 PM #1315    


Cyndy Day (Savage)

You are on our prayer, remembering you.  God bless

10/25/20 08:16 PM #1316    


Sandi Thompson (Philips)

Good evening!

This may be a first and last time that I post.  It is not that I don't like sharing with fellow classmates. It is that I really don't having anything to share.

I am still working part time at TJMaxx as well as supervising student teachers for the University of Iowa in the Des Moines area.  Believe me, both of these jobs have been an experience in itself these past few months. Of my 5 student teachers, 1 was exposed to Covid and had to work virtually for a week, another had Covid and was sick for 2 weeks and a third one called me from the hospital yesterday with some kind of infection relating to her kidneys and she may be out for a couple of weeks.  As I said, it has been an experience!

The exciting news this year is that I became a great grandmother!  Lir was born 6 1/2 months ago, and I have yet to meet him. He and his parents live in the Houston area. I hope to spend some time with the family over the Christmas holidays.

Now you see why I don't post very often.  This is my life!

Sharon N. very graciously got rid of my awful senior picture and posted a new one. She ask that I post so that we can see if it comes up.

Please everyone, stay safe. I really want to see you next September.


10/26/20 07:17 AM #1317    


Sandra Buckley (Matthews)

Sandi - We love seeing your "new" picture and hearing what's happening in your life these past months - especially that you continue to "dodge COVID" with your student teachers !  Until an effective vaccine is available, we all must play it as safe as possible, and some days are sooooo boring !!!!  Bill and I are in 14 days of required "self quarantine" here in our house, because he took a break from Cypress Glen rules and went to Myrtle Beach, SC last week for a golf package with his long time men's golf group from Cypress Landing - he had not played golf since the end of February!  He said his game was pretty bad the first day, but each day improved and by the time they finished the week and 5 rounds, he was back to scoring his old handicap.  By the way, belated congratulations on your Great-Grandson - how did I miss this occasion - that's awesome - sure do hope you get to be with that little blessing sometime over the holiday !!!  Stay Well !

10/26/20 09:26 AM #1318    


Melinda Lang (Bachman)

Sandi that is a great :picture!  You definetly are a busy lady.  Congratulations on becoming a great grandmother!

I know what you mean by not writing much espedially since 2020 Covid.  I've not been going out as much as previous years.  Came home earlier than planned from Florida in March. Just trying to stay safe.


10/26/20 04:19 PM #1319    


William (Bill) Patrigo

Joyce, I am happy to see that you are out of the hospital. My prayers are with you.  Do not get depressed. You will overcome this shortly and it will soon be history.

Sandi, that is one great photograph!

Jack Sears, I recently also had cataract surgery. Everthing is now amazingly brighter.

Finally, Sharon Tincher suggested that I drive my Delorean to the 60th reunion. That might be possible since as a Delorean owner I drive the car from time to time. (That's a Delorean joke!)

11/11/20 08:15 AM #1320    


Jerry Rees

Thanks to everyone who wished me HAPPY BIRTHDAY yesterday.  Are we all 77?  smiley   indecision  frown  sad  devil

11/14/20 09:20 AM #1321    


Judi Perry

Hello, Everyone


I have been reading all the messages, so it is now my time to add my concerns and comments.

Joyce, I certainly hope that your issues with Covid are over.  What a horrible time you and your husband had. You are still in my prayers for a full recovery.

Sandi, congrats on your new great grandson.  Hope you will be able to see him in person, sometime soon. Good luck with your working conditions.  Stay safe!!!

Happy Birthday to Richard and Jerry.  Like Jerry said, are we all 77 now??  I have been since April, it's about time you all joined me.  wink

Jack - don't you just love those new lenses???  They are terrific.  I am like you, I was very, very near sighted, and was getting very tired of wearing contacs.  I have had them for several years - they are well worth the extra cost.

looking forward to the next class reunion in Sep.  It will be here before we know it.  Please everyone who is able please come to the reunion.  It will be so great to see everyone again.

JT & I are well, and hope to stay that way.  Don't know for sure whether we will be travelling to FL and/or AZ this winter, depends on Covid, etc.  Oh well, maybe Ohio won't be that bad this year.  Yeah, right.


11/14/20 09:53 PM #1322    


Joyce Casady (Sheumaker)


I have been off oxygen since Nov. 4. The Doctor released me from the oxygen company on Monday the 9th. 

My ox stats have been from 94 to 99 percent.  Out of isolation, but will not go anywhere for awhile.

I am still very tired and still am confussed sometimes while talking and still have brain fog.  The Dr. says I might not be back to myself for many months. Just have to wait and see! 

Please wear your mask and not be around anyone that does not have a mask on!

I was lucky I got covid-19 when I did, because now the hospital here in Chillicothe is full and in Liberty and the Kansas City area.  Chillicothe is having a lot of cases and deaths now.




11/18/20 12:55 PM #1323    


Sharon Tincher (Scholl-Nabulsi)

FYI: Classmates: I just saw on the KingLynk website that Jim Doore passed away yesterday!! He was married to our classmate Linda Cashman and they lived in Burlington! No services are planned at this time! You can read the obituary at King-Lynk funeral home and creamatory! He was in the class of 60 I believe as he was just 79 when he died! Our prayers go out to Linda and family!

11/19/20 09:02 PM #1324    


Jack Sears

Classmates - well wishes, thoughts and prayers to all impacted by COVID-19. It is us versus the bugs! Hope we all win this one. Illinois just ratcheted up the mitigations again starting tomorrow. 


11/20/20 07:22 AM #1325    


Georgia O'Donnell (Merschman)

Linda my thoughts and prayers are with you.

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